Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of Water Bioresources, Fishery and Aquaculture Chair, Kamchatka State Technical University, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russian Federation.

Code of the scientific specialty:

03.00.10 – Ichthyology (Candidate of Biological Sciences)

02.03.08 – Ecology (Biological Sciences) (Doctor of Biological Sciences)

Research interests:

• morphology and biology of hydrobionts (rotifers, Diptera, bokoplavs, decapod crayfish, euphausiids, mysids, copepods and cumin crustaceans);

• influence of environmental factors on the distribution and timing of marine plankton development;

• morphological variability of marine crustaceans;

• pastoral aquaculture. Specialist in the field of Zoology and Hydrobiology. She is the author of more than 90 scientific publications in these areas: articles, abstracts and conference materials. 14 articles are in journals indexed by Scopus, 12 articles are in journals indexed Web of Science, 28 articles are in Russian scientific journals, and also 54 articles in collections of materials of scientific conferences and other publications. Author of two monographs, 8 textbooks, and 1 popular science article.