Klochkova Tatyana Andreevna – doctor of Biological Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy in Biology (Ph.D.), Kamchatka State Technical University, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskу, Russian Federation. She is an associate editor of “Phycological Research” published by Japanese Society of Phycology and an editorial board member of the scientific journals “The researches of the aquatic biological resources of Kamchatka and of the north-west part of the Pacific Ocean” and “Bulletin of MSTU”.

Code number of specialty:

03.00.25 – Histology, cytology, cell biology (Candidate of Biological Sciences degree)

02.03.08 – Ecology (biological sciences) (Doctor of Biological Sciences degree)

Scientific interests:

  • molecular and cell biology of hydrobionts (algae, marine fungi, marine sacoglossan mollusks);
  • adaptation of algae to stress (e.g. exposure to gamma radiation, mechanical damage, intracellular invasion by pathogenic organisms, etc.);
  • molecular systematics and phylogeny of algae and Oomycetes.

She is an expert in ecology and hydrobiology. She is an author of over 150 scientific publications, including papers, books, book chaptes, and conference abstracts and proceedings. Among them 54 are in the journals indexed by Scopus, 65 articles are in the journals indexed by Web of Science, 8 articles are in Russian peer-reviewed journals, as well as 5 papers in the proceedings of scientific conferences and other scientific journals. She is also an author of 2 scientific monographs and 84 abstracts of scientific conferences. She has teaching experience including training of scientific personnel. Two Candidates of Biological Sciences degree were defended under direct scientific supervision of Dr. T.A. Klochkova. At present she guides research study of post-graduate students.  She has participated in the organization and work of international symposia, workshops and forums (Japan, South Korea). She has been invited to foreign universities for teaching as a foreign professor and to conduct joint scientific research.