Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Head of  the Patenting  and  Scientific Qualification Activity Sector of Science and Innovation Department of  Kamchatka State Technical University, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russian Federation.

Scientific interests:

  • analytical chemistry;
  • metrology;
  • energy-saving;
  • electrotechnologies.

She is a co-author of 2 monographs, 4 invention patents, 13 utility patents, 1 article in the international journal (Inorganic Materials, 2010), 25 articles in the scientific journals («Factory laboratory. Diagnostics of materials». – 2009–2016; «Bulletin of Astrakhan State Technical University». Series «Marine Facilities and Technology» – 2014–2015; «Bulletin of Kamchatka State Technical University» – 2010–2016). She takes an active part in international and All-Russian conferences (theses in the international conference of 2016, 35 reports in All-Russian conferences 2011-2016).