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Scientific journal

 «Bulletin оf Kamchatka State Technical University»

The scientific journal «Bulletin оf Kamchatka State Technical University» («Bulletin оf KamchatSTU») was established in 2002.


Federal State-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Education «Kamchatka State Technical University».

Publishing house

Publishing house of KamchatSTU issues  educational, methodological and scientific literature, including the scientific journal «Bulletin оf Kamchatka State Technical University», monographs of the University officials, collections of scientific papers, materials of scientific conferences, theses and theses reports, text books, school books. Publishing house takes regular part in competitions and exhibitions of publications. In 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 its books won in regional competitions. In 2009 KamchatSTU was awarded as a winner of the Second Far East Regional Competition for the best university publication.


Klochkova Tatyana Andreevna –  Doctor of Biological Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy in Biology (Ph.D.), Professor of Ecology and Nature Management Chair , Kamchatka State Technical University

Scientific editor

Tzarenko S.N. (Scientific Editor, technical sciences) – Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of Technical Machines and Equipment Chair, Kamchatka State Technical University

Executive secretary

Olkhina Oksana Vladimirovna – Head of Publishing Department of Kamchatka State Technical University

Technical secretary

Belavina Olga Aleksandrovna – Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Head of  the Patenting  and  Scientific Qualification Activity Sector of Science and Innovation Department of  Kamchatka State Technical University

Mass media registration

License of mass media registration ПИ № 14-0160 of the 20th of May 2003 (rewrite: ПИ № ТУ 41-00048 of the 21st of November 2008; ПИ № ТУ 41-00167 of the 7th of December 2011; ПИ №ТУ 41-00292 of the 6th of December 2016; ПИ №ТУ 41-00321 of the 1st of December 2020).

Print ISSN


Subscription index (in «Russian Post» catalogue)

ПН 093


Russian, English

Publication frequency

The Journal was established in 2002. It is published quarterly.

Basic areas

The journal «Bulletin оf KamchatSTU» publishes results of scientific research in the following areas:

1.5.12. – Zoology (biological sciences)

1.5.15. – Ecology (biological sciences)

1.5.16. – Hydrobiology (biological sciences)

1.5.20. – Biological resources (biological sciences)

2.2.4. – Devices and measurement techniques (by types of measurements) (technical sciences)

2.2.8. – Methods and devices for monitoring and diagnostics of materials, products, substances and natural environment (technical sciences)

2.2.11. – Information-measuring and managing systems (by industry) (physical and mathematical sciences)

4.3.3. – Food systems (technical, biological sciences)

4.3.5. – Biotechnology of food and bioactive substances (technical sciences)

Within the general directions the following profiles are preferred:

  • scientific-and-informational ensuring of technical system development, natural environment control and natural resource usage;
  • aquaculture and preservation of aquatic biological resources and their habitat, influence of natural and anthropogenic factors on the aquatic ecosystems’ condition;
  • food technologies and fish-processing equipment.

Basic headings

  • technical sciences;
  • biological sciences.

Journal location

Site of KamchatSTU (

Scientific electronic library (

Journal indexing

Russian scientific Citation Index (RSCI) – Contract № 22-02/2011R of the 1st of February 2011.

International Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Information System (ASFIS) – Agreement of the 17th of May 2011.

Kamchatka State Technical University is the regional representative of ASFIS in Kamchatka Region.

International System of bibliographic references CrossRef. Contract № CRNA-73-2022 of the 1st of December 2021.

Address of editorial office

683003, Russia, Kamchatsky krai, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Klyuchevskaya St., 35, KamchatSTU, editorial office of the journal « Bulletin оf KamchatSTU».

Contact person: Belavina Olga Aleksandrovna

Phone: (4152) 300-933


Internet site: